Over 900 People A Day!

Over 900 people a day are moving to the great state of Florida! That's a lot of people! They are doing a lot for our growing economy. The part that's relevant to this message is, all the construction that's necessary to support our new residents as they get settled in - new office complexes, houses, apartments, condos, and more. You can build your commissions in one of the hottest construction markets in the world. This is a tremendous time to be a PEO Broker!
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New Year Resolutions

It's the time of year when many people look back and reflect on what went right, what went wrong, and what to do to make improvements. Most of us can make many of the same personal resolutions to get to the gym, eat better, and live fuller lives. If you made any new year resolutions to work harder, improve commissions, or earn more money in 2020, then we have the right program for you!
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Blueprints to Success

With so many opportunities as a PEO Broker or Agent, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Are your commissions growing like you hoped? How is your client retention? Are you spending your time closing deals or servicing existing customers? Are you supplying all the services to your customers they need or are there existing untapped opportunities to grow your commissions on existing customers? Creating a blueprint or clear path to success is helpful to keep you on track. When it comes to construction related PEO services, we can help you build a successful book of business! Our special partnerships are designed to help you maximize your revenue potential with your clients. If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call!
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Built In Opportunity

Based on internal research, we believe there are an estimated 4500 construction companies in Florida, not using a PEO, that fit into prime work comp categories like; roofing, masonry, flat concrete, framing, and more. Even if our estimates are off substantially, it would still equate to a bunch of opportunity. Rates are published and have dropped substantially in some codes. With rates dropping, companies will be shopping. Keep Bridgely in your sales tool bag!
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Commission and Broker Strength

We've all been there. You wouldn't be on this list otherwise. We've all been through the big closings, the difficult sale, the unexpected turn, the seemingly never ending enrollment. Yet, here we are. Together, we are all part of something bigger. We have been through the initiation process and now we get to reap the rewards of those stressful and emotional times. Continuing to sell is who we are. It defines us. I'm proud to be part of this elite group.
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2018 Outlook

When it comes to construction related PEO services, there is no better match up than Bridgely Key Options and Workforce Business Services. We want to work with you to provide you with more options to write business. The market is still strong and construction is booming! Take advantage of this opportunity!
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High Risk, High Reward

The prospects that have high work comp risk are sometimes the hardest to place, but they can also produce some of the best commissions. We not only have an outlet with A Rated Work Comp for those hard to place clients, but can help you maximize your commission.

Qualified clients can earn steep discounts (up to 40%), while still producing commission on the work comp and admin billed.
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The search is over...

Get Covered. Bridgely Key Options helps PEO Brokers and Insurance Agents with all aspects of the PEO selling process as well as servicing client needs. By utilizing BKO all inclusive services, you don't have to search for solutions to solve your clients and prospects needs. We can help you get them covered. Make 2017 the year you make more sales by having more options and being more efficient by working with Bridgely Key!
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2017 A couple Key Points

Coming off the holidays, its hard to remember all the changes for 2017. Here are a couple things for you to remember as you continue your prospecting and follow up with clients.

  • FL Minimum Wage Change - $8.10/hour.
  • Proposed Overtime rule changes did not go into effect.
  • FL Work Comp Rate changes did increase (for now).

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