Construction Focus

Based on internal research, we believe there are an estimated 4500 construction companies in Florida, not using a PEO, that fit into prime work comp categories like; roofing, masonry, flat concrete, framing, and more. Even if our estimates are off substantially, it would still equate to a bunch of opportunity. Rates are still predicted to drop. With rates dropping, companies will be shopping. If you are looking to write more construction related PEO business, we would like to work with you. Most brokers and agents have several outlets for different levels of risk, by utilizing blue collar winning combination of working with Bridgely Key and WBS, you can write more business and earn more commissions.
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Building Business Together

There are many reports and powerful statistical data about the opportunities in the construction related industry. To capitalize on this opportunity, the next steps would be to cultivate the relationships that position you with the partners that will create the greatest success. When it comes to PEO Construction relationships, Bridgely Key is the #1 Broker Agency. We would like to work with you to maximize these opportunities by building a strong book of business together.
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Post Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma's impact to Florida can be seen all over. It was an impressive hurricane both in size and strength. But, more impressive has been the people's resolve. Overwhelmingly, the general consensus has been that although there was extensive damage in some areas, things could have been worse and we are all grateful. We are all committed to rebuilding our homes and businesses. Listening to the many stories and talking to many of the people impacted by the storm, it makes me proud of our community and state. But, for every major event like this, there are some evil souls out there that take advantage of others. The state has sent out additional inspectors to help find the frauds out scamming people. I'm sure the state doesn't want to get in the way of the rebuilding efforts and this will likely impact those who are sincere in their efforts but are doing so without proper coverage. I'm hopeful, as a network of brokers, we can all help be a part of the rebuilding efforts in making it safe for the consumer and the worker. If you or anyone you know need help in finding the proper coverage to ensure there efforts are not halted, please let us know.
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