Thank You!!

From all of us at Bridgely Key Options, we would like to thank you for working with us as part of your PEO offering. We work hard to create solutions for you to attract and retain new clients. Next year is going to be an exciting year ahead with low workers' compensation rates and lot's of opportunity. We would like to work with you on creative ways to help you grow commissions. Bridgely Key has many products and services that business owners want and need that are perfect complements to a PEO. These additional solutions can be the deciding factor on with whom a prospect decides to choose to do business.
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Year End Opportunities

Florida employers have a unique opportunity. If they have recently renewed their workers compensation, it's not too late to change. If they stay in their recently renewed policy, they will be over paying by up to 20% if they stay with 2018 rates. WBS will be quoting 2019 rates for all new business. This is great news for any broker with construction prospects!
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Construction Focus

Based on internal research, we believe there are an estimated 4500 construction companies in Florida, not using a PEO, that fit into prime work comp categories like; roofing, masonry, flat concrete, framing, and more. Even if our estimates are off substantially, it would still equate to a bunch of opportunity. Rates are still predicted to drop. With rates dropping, companies will be shopping. If you are looking to write more construction related PEO business, we would like to work with you. Most brokers and agents have several outlets for different levels of risk, by utilizing blue collar winning combination of working with Bridgely Key and WBS, you can write more business and earn more commissions.
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Construction Competition

With workers compensation rates potentially falling, the construction industry will become even more competitive. Construction companies will be looking for the best rates with the best carriers to be able to offer competitive bids and maximize profits. Although there is less premium to negotiate, there are potentially more prospects in these markets as PEO's will still have the cost advantage over traditional policies. Coupled with other ancillary services and constructions companies can get a lot of coverages for a great value.
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High Risk, High Reward

The prospects that have high work comp risk are sometimes the hardest to place, but they can also produce some of the best commissions. We not only have an outlet with A Rated Work Comp for those hard to place clients, but can help you maximize your commission.

Qualified clients can earn steep discounts (up to 40%), while still producing commission on the work comp and admin billed.
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