Continuing with Bridgely Key

Bridgely Key continues to create more options for you to use in your sales portfolio to grow your book of business. In addition to being your broker agency for heavy construction business to WBS, we provide the same services for all other types of risks to several PEO's. We also like to provide you with complementary services that can fill the gaps when the PEO sale doesn't make sense for your prospect. These services vary from ancillary benefits to payroll only. This month, we added a new payroll only (plus HR) provider that we are very excited about! The is new business is Secure HR. There is a lot that goes into payroll processing and related human resouce functions. We partnered with Secure HR to deliver a high quality, low cost, no suprises alternative to you. Secure HR's payroll engine is powered by ADP to provide a world class back office payroll engine, while they offer their clients the first class personal service you expect. This gives you and your clients the best of both worlds.
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A little extra HR

Bridgely Key Options helps PEO Brokers and Insurance Agents with all aspects of the PEO selling process as well as servicing client needs. By utilizing BKO's all inclusive services, you don't have to search for solutions to solve your clients and prospects needs. We can help you get them covered. This month, we shine the spotlight on external HR vendor to help you with client that are looking for a little extra. W.M Thompson Associates offers an exclusive 25% off to all BKO brokers (coupon code BK25). Their Company Success Toolbox is full of great information and ideas!
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