Greater Value

There are many PEO's and all of them include the basics - payroll and workers' compensation. There are also many brokers competing for the same prospects. Prices for PEO customers are already low given competitive pressure driving down admin rates and low workers' compensation rates set by the state. Bridgely Key works hard to create inexpensive, value-add solutions for brokers that complement any PEO's core services and enable you to stand out during your prospecting. This not only helps you close more business, but keeps your clients longer.
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Back by Popular Demand

Thanks to the great response from last months post, this one will be similar! As a broker of required back office employer related tasks solutions, you have to be prepared with many different options. A one size fits all solution doesn't work as all employers are different with a different set of needs. Bridgely Key Options works hard to provide you with many different solutions so you can get to a YES answer with your prospects and clients. In that spirit, we would like to highlight our latest provider again this month - Secure HR. They don't just offer a payroll only solution. They allow you to a-la-cart all the different employer needs into a single solution. Contact us for more information.
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Imports? Exports? What?!

As our PEO clients and prospects continue to grow lean and efficient, technology questions become more common place. These technology questions are important to address with confidence and can't always be simply left to the PEO to handle. Bridgely Key has over 20 years of PEO systems integrations and meeting clients needs. So, in addition to all the other services and great pricing we share, we can help you stand out among your competition in this area as well.
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